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From start to finish, lamirande.com is a family affair offering high-end quality graphic design and production since 1989.  

Mark and Renee Lamirande, have worked online with many clients since 1995. We design online is our way of offering expert    

service giving you the convenience and savings of working virtually no matter where you are, or where we are on the planet—

price, turn-around, quality . . . pick three. 
“My company has been working with Lamirande Design for all of our design needs for over 20 years. Mark and Renee have become virtual members of our team.They are so personal, talented, and available that we have never even considered another vendor. 

If we want a quick turnaround... they deliver. If we want a tailored, unusual design...they deliver. 
If we want to talk through a new idea...they deliver. In a word, Mark and Renee are not only consummate professionals, not only design gurus, not only business partners, they are our design therapists. 

They help us tease out what we are looking for and make us look very good to our clients.

So, you can see we love Lamirande Design...don’t know what we’d do without them.”

—Rick Gilbert
   Founder, PowerSpeaking, Inc.

“I find Lamirande Design as one of the most creative and professional design and production companies that I’ve had the pleasure to work with—period. For over a decade, they have completed every single project on time and in budget, and constantly exceed my expectations for design. In addition, both Mark and Renee are master communicators— they interpret creative direction accurately on every project, and the first round of comps is always right on target. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs graphic design or production services.”

—Judy Leigh
   Leigh & Associates

“Lamirande Design is one of the most creative graphic design and production companies that I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last few years. They maintain a high level of service, and always exceed my expectations. I recommend them to all of my associates.”

—Cliff Dunning
   Sr. Marketing Manager
   Evolving Wisdom, LLC 

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